Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ECI Visit

The boys are so active and keeping this Momma busy! We are all four off for the Summer so there's been a lot of Q.T. happening around here. The boys got baptized this last weekend with their little cousin Avery. It was a wonderful day and we got to celebrate with a lot of family. Here's a little update on the boys. Luke: He is finally walking as of 2-3 weeks ago and doing a little talking (dat, ball, uh oh and whoa are a few of his favorite words). He loves to know where brother is at all times and tends to copy Carter in most things. Luke loves when someone gets hiccups because it makes him laugh hysterically, only to end up with hiccups himself! He is still the super sweet snuggle bunny that we always said he was. We had ECI come out to evaluate Luke on physical developments and check on his speech and it turns out, he does not qualify for any services. He is doing great and developing just fine. Carter: He is basically running! He is very active and constantly loves to find Mommy. He amazes us everyday with new sounds or new words. Some of his favorite words are Uh oh, ball, whoaaaa, no no, more, and everything is labeled d-buh. He loves to woof,woof when he sees a bird, a bunny, a cat or a dog. Carter enjoys playing hide and seek and making lots of noise. We are staying pretty busy between the pool, toddler story time and playdates! The boys love a cool morning walk and a long afternoon nap.