Sunday, October 31, 2010

LDR 4: Day 7

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!
Last year's Halloween: Octomom
If you run outta candy come see me, I have plenty. Thanks to all my visitors!! 

Jenny and Becca visited me this morning and brought me all sorts of good stuff. (a pumpkin spice latte, a cream cheese pumpkin muffin, lemon pound cake and a big basket of all my FAVORITE snacks!) I love them!!

I'm looking for more blogs to get addicted to, so if you know any good ones (home decor, food/recipes or moms of multiples) I'm interested in any of those. Thrifty decor chick needs to update her blog more often. If you haven't seen her blog---DO IT! She makes all sorts of fun home decorations from cheap cheap stuff and she's a big dollar store fan. She really has an awesome blog with lots of great ideas. Speaking of blogs, I want to jazz mine up some, so if you can give me any tips--I would love that.

Today makes day 7 and it really does not feel like I've been here for a full week. I hope time continues to pass as quickly as it did this week. I'm going to do what Becca said and take advantage of this down time as much as I can because I know as soon as the babies come, my world will turn 360 degrees!

Cowboys are loooooooooosing, bad.
I'm wearing my Rangers shirt today so hopefully Rangers can pull a second WIN!!

Nurses: Abby and Jessica
Dr. Collins
Visitors: Mom, Dad, Melissa, Jenny and Becca

Saturday, October 30, 2010

No news is good news: Day 6

Doctors are not allowing me to take anymore strolls in the wheelchair. They're too afraid something will happen within minutes of being out of the room.Wahh wahh.

Baby A (aka Carter) sac has 5.3oz. amniotic fluid
Baby B (aka Luke) sac has 18.8oz. amniotic fluid

The more I drink, the better.............

I'm not suppose to be on my feet much or as much as I've been the last couple days.

Nurse: Amber and Abby
Dr. Collins
Visitors: Mom, Melissa, Pastor Rich, Ken, Sylvia, Dad

Friday, October 29, 2010

The longer the better: Day 5

Last night (3am) I was given a shot in my left arm for contractions that had started. The nurses monitor these, I don't usually even feel them. Or what may be a contraction to me, just feels like movement of the babies.

This morning (7:15am) the doctor said "For every day that you stay pregnant, you will take off 2 days of the babies staying in the NICU." I guess that's a good way to put it. I take it, I'm in for the long haul. She also said any small contractions I am having need to be watched very closely because my cervix is very thin already. Once, I start contracting and if they progress, the contractions will most likely not stop which leads me into labor and this would call for immediate delivery of a C-section.

The more I think about this whole situation, I miss my brand new home that we just moved into, I miss seeing my furry-furry, green eyed, grey haired Harley, I just miss his face so much. I miss my school schedule and seeing all the kiddos and the really sweet kids who like to hug my tummy and say "Hi twins" or "Hello babies", I miss so many things right now and even though I have family coming and going here at the hospital, things just aren't the same. How long will this last?? I guess this is the part where I have to stop being selfish and remember how much these babies are depending on me.

The "always" relaxed hubby at my bedside
I keep asking myself What is God's plan?? What comes next, Lord? When does Sean get to hold his two little babies? He's going to be the best daddy in the world! He's already the best husband, what more could a girl ask for?

Enough of the sappy stuff. I'm pregnant, with a constant full bladder and now I'm emotional.

I'm in and out of the bed more and more now.

The babies were 2.4lbs and 2.5lbs on Monday and approximately 14-15 inches so I'm waiting for the next update on their size. Keep growing you lil' coffey beans, Keep Growin'!

Nurse: Rachel and Kym
Dr. Collins
Visitors: Ken, Sylvia, Sean, Kat, Mom, Angie, John, Melissa, Casey

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Still kickin: Day 4

Things are still looking good. I have a feeling it could be a while before the babies come. (I'm 26 weeks and 1 day today and the longest I could be here is until 34 weeks. The doctors said they would take the babies at that point if I made it that far.) This pregnancy was going so smoothly for the first 25 weeks, I can almost see myself here for another sEvEn longggg weeks. eeek! Whatever is best for the babies. It's all up to God. Time out! That puts us into the middle of December, well shooooooooot its a good thing my Christmas tree is already up (with Fall decor), thanks to Melissa! It looks beautiful; just wish I was home to enjoy it.

I'm feeling Baby B (aka Luke) move around a lot this morning; he's still on the right side and he's positioned with his feet at my belly button and his head on my side. Carter is still just chillin. He's is able to find all the grooves and hiding spots which makes it harder for the nurses to monitor his heartbeat. I think he's going to be a little toot when he gets here.

The Doctor gave us permission to take a stroll through the hospital today. Woohoo! I'm guessing we'll take a trip downstairs to the nursery and take a peak in the NICU for any new babies. We keep hearing a soft lullaby every once in awhile, so Mom finally asked the nurses what that music was coming from. They play a mobile whenever a new baby is born, how cute is that?

Sean just left for work and now Mom is here, it's 7:35am, and she's already sleeping...she said being at the hospital makes her sleepy. Really, mom? Yea,' it is pretty dreary here sometimes. I have to open the blinds and look outside just to see I-35 so I can remind myself I'm still in Lewisville. I'm watching Mother's of Multiples on TLC....not sure if it's a good idea or a bad idea...

The Coffey's brought us dinner tonight: steak, sweet potatoes and corn and it was delish. If I eat like that every night these babies will really weigh enough when they come.

I have a sweet tooth...and a Halloween basket of you can see what's about to happen with that. Ranger's game #2, lets hope they can pull a win tonight! I hear the weather was really nice out today and its suppose to be pretty cool tomorrow, its a bummer I can't enjoy the change. I love cold weather!

Alright, I have to start posting all the nurses I meet..keep in mind this is not the hospital that my doctor works at so I am meeting a different group of doctors and a different group of nurses each day. Who knows who will be around when the babies come. So far, all have been great, for the most part.
Keep 'em comin.......because I'm not going very far.

Nurse: Kim and Cindy
Dr. Zavarian
Visitors: Mom, Ken and Sylvia, Grace and Bev

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Unplugged: Day 3

 26 weeks exactly today. showered. no chords. a stroll outta the room. Rangers

I got to take a shower today!!!!!!! The doctors and nurses allowed me to eat a normal breakfast, get out of bed and actually take a shower. I think I sat in the shower for 40 plus minutes, no lie. Imagine how your hair would look after not washing it for 3 days; yummy, huh? We even broke out the Dry Shampoo on Tuesday..which lasted for a couple hours. Dry shampoo is a temporary fix people-TEMPORARY!

Sean went back to work today..someones gotta bring home the bacon, ya know? His kids were handed back their tests and they were not too excited. He sent them home to get parent signatures and is having them retake the test on Thursday if that tells you anything. Middle Schoolers.......

I am unplugged from all chords now. At one time, I had two heart monitors, a contraction monitor, a blood pressure cuff, two leg compression cuffs and an IV. I was having to plan out ahead of time when to call the nurse in my room so I could get unplugged from everything just to get up to use the restroom; Quite the ordeal! Now, they just keep me on the contraction monitor to watch for those.  I was told last night I was having contractions and that I needed a shot in the left arm and then I was also hooked up to an IV again to slow down the contractions. I couldn't feel any contractions so I wasn't too worried.

Both babies have been monitored throughout today and they are doing great!

Sean, Mom and Sylvia secretly wheeled me down to the nursery to see some other babies. They were precious and I cannot wait to hold two of my own.

Tonight..missing Harley. Rangers and Doritos. Hopefully, Sean and I will get more sleep than the last few nights. Oh and what awesome family and friends we have. John and Bill mowed our lawn today and Janis cleaned our house! What a blessing. Love you guys!!!

Nurse: Lori and Cyndi
Dr. Peters
Visitors: Mom, Melissa, Sylvia, Ken, Sean, Pastor Rich, Sam Kemp

Monday blues: Day 2

Monday morning, I woke up to a Doctor standing in front of me asking me if I remembered him? Um, was he kidding? I was so out of it and seeing double of everything. He said a few things and then disappeared.

I was monitored for contractions, blood pressure and my temperature.  Everything stayed pretty steady as well as the babies heartbeats. A NICU specialist came in later in the afternoon and told us that we have a 70% chance of the babies surviving if they were to be delivered today . This is where the tears and prayers really came in.

The best part of the day, I got some sprite, apple juice and some yellow jello. Who would've thought this would make my day?! Liquid diets...I guess if I really want a quick weight loss I'll turn to that.

Thanks to all my Bright friends for the special cards, drawings, snacks and magazines! I truly miss you guys.

Keep the prayers coming.. the longer the babies stay inside this belly of mine, the better they will be.

Nurse: Cyndi
Dr. Fleidner
Visitors: Mom, Dad, Angie, John, Melissa, Sean, Sylvia, Ken, Kat and Brian

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday Morning News: Day 1

Written from Melissa's perspective:
We were getting ready to go to church when the phone rang.  My mom picked it up and it was Amy.  She said she had gotten up to go to the bathroom and had made 3 puddles on the floor.  She then hung up and called her doctor.  Her doctor said to go to Medical Center of Lewisville right away.  Sean then drove 90 to nothing with his hazards on to the hospitalWe pulled up to the hospital at 9:00AM at the same time as Sean and Amy and I ran in to get a wheelchair.  I wheeled her up to the second floor and they had her change out of her clothes.  She then was hooked up to an IV, a catheter, a blood pressure cuff, and leg circulation cuffs.  She was given Magnesium to halt contractions and increase brain development for the babies.  They also gave her antibiotics by mouth and an IV to prevent infection.  Amy was also given a steroid shot to help increase the development of the babies' lungs.  Once she was all hooked up, they determined that Baby A's water broke.  We joked that Carter is going to be a soccer player since he kicked a hole in it. Amy was pretty sedated most of the day and in and out of sleep.  We all made many phone calls and said many prayers as we waited and visited for the next 12 hours.

Nurse: Ashley
Dr. Thomas
Visitors: Mom, Dad, Melissa, Angie, John, Sean, Kat, Brian, Ken, Sylvia, Pastor Rich