Sunday, October 31, 2010

LDR 4: Day 7

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!
Last year's Halloween: Octomom
If you run outta candy come see me, I have plenty. Thanks to all my visitors!! 

Jenny and Becca visited me this morning and brought me all sorts of good stuff. (a pumpkin spice latte, a cream cheese pumpkin muffin, lemon pound cake and a big basket of all my FAVORITE snacks!) I love them!!

I'm looking for more blogs to get addicted to, so if you know any good ones (home decor, food/recipes or moms of multiples) I'm interested in any of those. Thrifty decor chick needs to update her blog more often. If you haven't seen her blog---DO IT! She makes all sorts of fun home decorations from cheap cheap stuff and she's a big dollar store fan. She really has an awesome blog with lots of great ideas. Speaking of blogs, I want to jazz mine up some, so if you can give me any tips--I would love that.

Today makes day 7 and it really does not feel like I've been here for a full week. I hope time continues to pass as quickly as it did this week. I'm going to do what Becca said and take advantage of this down time as much as I can because I know as soon as the babies come, my world will turn 360 degrees!

Cowboys are loooooooooosing, bad.
I'm wearing my Rangers shirt today so hopefully Rangers can pull a second WIN!!

Nurses: Abby and Jessica
Dr. Collins
Visitors: Mom, Dad, Melissa, Jenny and Becca


  1. Thanks for these updates. We miss you! As for following other blogs, have you looked at the Pioneer Woman?

    That is the only one I know of. All of the other blogs that I know of are library and book related.

  2. Yeay! I'm glad you started a blog about all this! I can stop calling mom or Sean every day :) For jazzing up your blog, I recommend - there are a TON of cute backgrounds.
    If you get bored, check out my whole list of blogs I read (I think it's on my profile) - they are pretty much all home decor and craft goodness.
    Love you guys!