Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nothin' wrong with some pears

I think this picture explains itself.
Carter being very patient

Gravity got ahold of those cheeks!

Now that the boys are starting to get used to eating off the spoon, I guess we'll bust out the real high chairs and retire the little bumbo seats.

Random thoughts
The boys are starting to look more and more alike, in my opinion. (But not in the pic above)

Did I mention, they are so observant with certain things. When I read to them, they actually look at both of the pages. That should bring a smile to all the teachers in my family!

Confession: I did mix in a tiny bit of pears with the oatmeal..but hey it worked! I hope I don't regret that later when we introduce veggies.

I'm totally looking forward to the summer with the boys. Now, only if I could win the lottery and stay home with them next year {mainly so we don't have to pay for childcare}.

What a great weekend!!

Ours consisted of:
Relaxation- a Lot of it, 2 movies, some family time, Chinese checkers & dominos, a little sun and Babe's Chicken.
What gets better than all that?

Oh! And I got to hug, yes I said HUG     my husband for the first time in ohhhh I have no idea. But it felt great..a Big Ol' Bear hug! I can't believe how time just slips away and how busy we have become and then we realize how we've forgotten some of the most important things.  Love you honey!

P.S. We made Top 25! Many of you were asking what happens if we our blog is one of twenty-five. Here's the email I got today.


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Sunday, May 29, 2011

15 things

that we just absolutely LOVE.

1. Cuddling with the boys right after they finish a bottle.
2. Havarti cheese and Barefoot Moscato
3. A clean kitchen. (That means-empty countertops and no fingerprints)
4. The new little giggles we're starting to hear.
5. Finding a good sushi restaraunt only five minutes from the house.
6. New beach towels.
7. Clean shelves in the refridgerator.
8. Freshly cut strawberries.
9. The singing Walmart Greeter.
10. The smell of a new scentsy.
11. Finding baby clothes or other items Buy 1, get 1 Free.
12. Our Kindle.
13. Staying in our pj's all day.
14. Neighbors who bring over cookies.
and last
15. Two babies who sleep from 9pm-7am.

It's the small things in life.

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Thirty-8 Years

Yesterday marked 38 years of marriage for my beautiful, supportive and sweet Momma and my wonderful, hard-working, and loving Dad.

Happy Anniversary, I love you both so much!

Sean and I are on our way to 3 years of marriage but it feels longer than that sometimes...and I don't mean that in a bad way. We started dating when we were both so young so it seems like we've grown up together in Many, Many ways! And that we have. I mean, really..I never get sick of him..Ever! He cooks, he cleans, he helps, he's patient, he's understanding, he's supportive and he's so caring       twenty-four/seven!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1st dose of Oatmeal

The boys tolerated their first spoonfuls of Oatmeal, but how bland! I was so tempted to mix in some fruit or something but then I'd hate for them to have a reaction to one of the foods and then not know which one. They didn't spit all the oatmeal out but yes, most of it came right back out. Carter smiled through the whole thing. He thinks everything is fun and games no matter what!

Luke was a little more serious; I'm not sure he even knew what to do. We put the rest of the oatmeal it in their bottles so they could get used to the taste. (Not sure that's the best idea but they slept well.)

We stopped using the swings.  The boys are not only too big for them but they just look uncomfortable in them now. They are officially cribs sleepers! They did okay the first night.

Carter was awake several times and in Sean's arms for  the majority of the night but Luke did good. He only woke up once wanting his paci and then he was back asleep in no time. The second and third night was much better. Luke slept eight hours and Carter only woke up twice but he put himself back to sleep.

We are so blessed. The babies are growing so quickly and we're so thankful they are healthy and happy. As I'm typing this, I am watching Carter has he scoots off the playmat. He was right next to his brother...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big Babies

The boys did great at their 6 month checkup. They got their third round of vaccines so they won't have anymore shots until 12 months!!

Carter weighs 17 lbs and 1 oz and he measured 24 1/4" long. Carter is developing and growing right on track. Dr. Terry was very impressed with him. Carter is almost ready to start sitting up..still a little wobbly but he'll have it down in no time. We should start to hear some real consonants in his babbling soon. =)

Luke weighs 17 lbs and 2 oz and he measured 24" long. Luke actually measured all over the charts. His head, length and weight measurements put him in all different percentiles. Although he's still developing fine we just can't increase his feedings anymore. He is a chunk! Luke is still gurgling and still a little wobbly with his head. We've always thought he was a little behind in some skills but we have nothing to worry about at this point. Dr. Terry was pleased to see how much they have grown. Both boys were close to rolling over but then got a little shy, hehe! ...and then Luke rolled over with the touch of a finger.

The boys are going to get their first little dose of Oatmeal tomorrow night. If all goes well, we'll try that for a week or two and then start introducing some veggies. This should be fun!

10 more days of school!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's been awhile..

I haven't posted in awhile because we've been a little busy..yeah, just a tad! School is coming to an end and Boy am I ready for the Summer! This summer E S P E C I A L L Y.  I'm even looking forward to sleeping in...and I'm sure you're wondering how? Well, Sean and I have this little trick we do on Saturday mornings. The boys are used to waking up every morning at 5am to get fed, however on Saturday's we just turn their swings on, (Yes, they're still sleeping in their swings..eek!) and they fall back to sleep for another 3 hours, No Lie! It's like a little mind game we play on them but hey, it works and we get a few more zzzz's. What can I say, these boys can sleep like their Momma can! 

They are doing so good. Carter has rolled over a couple more times (tummy to back) and Luke is doing everything he can to roll over from his back to his tummy. The boys love being read to, which is so enjoyable for Sean and I. I want them to enjoy books early on so they'll want to read more often as they grow..[fingers crossed]. These boys are just super content' We've taken them more places lately and they just chill, literally they are great at "hangin' out". Need I remind you, sometimes we just simply don't go places because it's a huge hassle to time the feedings just right, pack the back, pack the car, get the stroller and lug the carseats to and from the car....all while we usually forget our own underwear or shoes. {this is happening less often now that I think about it...it just has to be the Right place and the Right time}

We took the boys to their first Birthday Party for our little friend Maddox; he turned One. The boys, of course could not partake in the Bounce House but they got to experience a birthday party for the first time. We have another little party in our near future...Safari party anyone? Little Monkey-Kyson!
What in the world did we do with our time before these little buntings? We still aren't finding a good slot of time each evening to cook like we used to because the boys are still eating every 3-4 hours (except for our long 11 hour nights..which is just magical.) so I told Sean I was going to make my homemade pizza on Sunday night, no matter what. And it was delicious! Here's a piece that was leftover. And yes, it's square because our round pizza pan does not fit in our oven. A simple solution: more crock pot recipes?

The boys have their 6 month Checkup this Thursday so I'm excited to see what our Pediatrician has to say about how big they've gotten. I'm guessing 14 pounds.. and the boys will soon be introduced to a little rice cereal..delish!

I'll end with The serious Stare-Off!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

My first Mother's Day

was wonderful and CARTER ROLLED OVER (from tummy to back)! The boys spoiled me in lots of ways this weekend. I am so blessed. Here's a few pics we captured over the weekend.
Luke on the left. Carter on right

Luke pushing up, Carter attempting a roll

WHOA! What did I just do??

Luke T R Y I N G so hard to hold himself up

FINALLY we got Luke to look at the camera! Is he just not Precious?
Me and the boys

Carter and me

Monday, May 2, 2011

6 months!

The boys are 6 months old today. (3 months gestational)

They're drooling a lot, chewing on their hands and possibly about to start teething.
Luke is growing to be a Lineman and Carter is just a little sweet-talker. Carter is very vocal. Luke is starting to get a little more noisy.