Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1st dose of Oatmeal

The boys tolerated their first spoonfuls of Oatmeal, but how bland! I was so tempted to mix in some fruit or something but then I'd hate for them to have a reaction to one of the foods and then not know which one. They didn't spit all the oatmeal out but yes, most of it came right back out. Carter smiled through the whole thing. He thinks everything is fun and games no matter what!

Luke was a little more serious; I'm not sure he even knew what to do. We put the rest of the oatmeal it in their bottles so they could get used to the taste. (Not sure that's the best idea but they slept well.)

We stopped using the swings.  The boys are not only too big for them but they just look uncomfortable in them now. They are officially cribs sleepers! They did okay the first night.

Carter was awake several times and in Sean's arms for  the majority of the night but Luke did good. He only woke up once wanting his paci and then he was back asleep in no time. The second and third night was much better. Luke slept eight hours and Carter only woke up twice but he put himself back to sleep.

We are so blessed. The babies are growing so quickly and we're so thankful they are healthy and happy. As I'm typing this, I am watching Carter has he scoots off the playmat. He was right next to his brother...

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