Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big Babies

The boys did great at their 6 month checkup. They got their third round of vaccines so they won't have anymore shots until 12 months!!

Carter weighs 17 lbs and 1 oz and he measured 24 1/4" long. Carter is developing and growing right on track. Dr. Terry was very impressed with him. Carter is almost ready to start sitting up..still a little wobbly but he'll have it down in no time. We should start to hear some real consonants in his babbling soon. =)

Luke weighs 17 lbs and 2 oz and he measured 24" long. Luke actually measured all over the charts. His head, length and weight measurements put him in all different percentiles. Although he's still developing fine we just can't increase his feedings anymore. He is a chunk! Luke is still gurgling and still a little wobbly with his head. We've always thought he was a little behind in some skills but we have nothing to worry about at this point. Dr. Terry was pleased to see how much they have grown. Both boys were close to rolling over but then got a little shy, hehe! ...and then Luke rolled over with the touch of a finger.

The boys are going to get their first little dose of Oatmeal tomorrow night. If all goes well, we'll try that for a week or two and then start introducing some veggies. This should be fun!

10 more days of school!


  1. Don't worry Amy. They are not that big. Rylan is only 4.5 months and he is bigger than both of them over 18 lbs now. He has been rolling for about 3 weeks and been eating everything for 3 weeks also! It is amazing. Rylan is also in 9 month clothes at 4.5 months. He's my big boy. So dont worry they are not that big. :)

  2. Wow Heather! Sounds like you've got a fast growing boy. =)