Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nothin' wrong with some pears

I think this picture explains itself.
Carter being very patient

Gravity got ahold of those cheeks!

Now that the boys are starting to get used to eating off the spoon, I guess we'll bust out the real high chairs and retire the little bumbo seats.

Random thoughts
The boys are starting to look more and more alike, in my opinion. (But not in the pic above)

Did I mention, they are so observant with certain things. When I read to them, they actually look at both of the pages. That should bring a smile to all the teachers in my family!

Confession: I did mix in a tiny bit of pears with the oatmeal..but hey it worked! I hope I don't regret that later when we introduce veggies.

I'm totally looking forward to the summer with the boys. Now, only if I could win the lottery and stay home with them next year {mainly so we don't have to pay for childcare}.

What a great weekend!!

Ours consisted of:
Relaxation- a Lot of it, 2 movies, some family time, Chinese checkers & dominos, a little sun and Babe's Chicken.
What gets better than all that?

Oh! And I got to hug, yes I said HUG     my husband for the first time in ohhhh I have no idea. But it felt great..a Big Ol' Bear hug! I can't believe how time just slips away and how busy we have become and then we realize how we've forgotten some of the most important things.  Love you honey!

P.S. We made Top 25! Many of you were asking what happens if we our blog is one of twenty-five. Here's the email I got today.


Your blog has been voted into the Circle of Moms Top 25 Parents With Multiples!

The final Top 25 list will be featured on our mom resource, The RoundUp next month. As a winner, we're looking to showcase your blog on The RoundUp by including a short interview and photo of you.

Thanks for all your votes!

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