Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Unplugged: Day 3

 26 weeks exactly today. showered. no chords. a stroll outta the room. Rangers

I got to take a shower today!!!!!!! The doctors and nurses allowed me to eat a normal breakfast, get out of bed and actually take a shower. I think I sat in the shower for 40 plus minutes, no lie. Imagine how your hair would look after not washing it for 3 days; yummy, huh? We even broke out the Dry Shampoo on Tuesday..which lasted for a couple hours. Dry shampoo is a temporary fix people-TEMPORARY!

Sean went back to work today..someones gotta bring home the bacon, ya know? His kids were handed back their tests and they were not too excited. He sent them home to get parent signatures and is having them retake the test on Thursday if that tells you anything. Middle Schoolers.......

I am unplugged from all chords now. At one time, I had two heart monitors, a contraction monitor, a blood pressure cuff, two leg compression cuffs and an IV. I was having to plan out ahead of time when to call the nurse in my room so I could get unplugged from everything just to get up to use the restroom; Quite the ordeal! Now, they just keep me on the contraction monitor to watch for those.  I was told last night I was having contractions and that I needed a shot in the left arm and then I was also hooked up to an IV again to slow down the contractions. I couldn't feel any contractions so I wasn't too worried.

Both babies have been monitored throughout today and they are doing great!

Sean, Mom and Sylvia secretly wheeled me down to the nursery to see some other babies. They were precious and I cannot wait to hold two of my own.

Tonight..missing Harley. Rangers and Doritos. Hopefully, Sean and I will get more sleep than the last few nights. Oh and what awesome family and friends we have. John and Bill mowed our lawn today and Janis cleaned our house! What a blessing. Love you guys!!!

Nurse: Lori and Cyndi
Dr. Peters
Visitors: Mom, Melissa, Sylvia, Ken, Sean, Pastor Rich, Sam Kemp

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