Thursday, October 28, 2010

Still kickin: Day 4

Things are still looking good. I have a feeling it could be a while before the babies come. (I'm 26 weeks and 1 day today and the longest I could be here is until 34 weeks. The doctors said they would take the babies at that point if I made it that far.) This pregnancy was going so smoothly for the first 25 weeks, I can almost see myself here for another sEvEn longggg weeks. eeek! Whatever is best for the babies. It's all up to God. Time out! That puts us into the middle of December, well shooooooooot its a good thing my Christmas tree is already up (with Fall decor), thanks to Melissa! It looks beautiful; just wish I was home to enjoy it.

I'm feeling Baby B (aka Luke) move around a lot this morning; he's still on the right side and he's positioned with his feet at my belly button and his head on my side. Carter is still just chillin. He's is able to find all the grooves and hiding spots which makes it harder for the nurses to monitor his heartbeat. I think he's going to be a little toot when he gets here.

The Doctor gave us permission to take a stroll through the hospital today. Woohoo! I'm guessing we'll take a trip downstairs to the nursery and take a peak in the NICU for any new babies. We keep hearing a soft lullaby every once in awhile, so Mom finally asked the nurses what that music was coming from. They play a mobile whenever a new baby is born, how cute is that?

Sean just left for work and now Mom is here, it's 7:35am, and she's already sleeping...she said being at the hospital makes her sleepy. Really, mom? Yea,' it is pretty dreary here sometimes. I have to open the blinds and look outside just to see I-35 so I can remind myself I'm still in Lewisville. I'm watching Mother's of Multiples on TLC....not sure if it's a good idea or a bad idea...

The Coffey's brought us dinner tonight: steak, sweet potatoes and corn and it was delish. If I eat like that every night these babies will really weigh enough when they come.

I have a sweet tooth...and a Halloween basket of you can see what's about to happen with that. Ranger's game #2, lets hope they can pull a win tonight! I hear the weather was really nice out today and its suppose to be pretty cool tomorrow, its a bummer I can't enjoy the change. I love cold weather!

Alright, I have to start posting all the nurses I meet..keep in mind this is not the hospital that my doctor works at so I am meeting a different group of doctors and a different group of nurses each day. Who knows who will be around when the babies come. So far, all have been great, for the most part.
Keep 'em comin.......because I'm not going very far.

Nurse: Kim and Cindy
Dr. Zavarian
Visitors: Mom, Ken and Sylvia, Grace and Bev


  1. Amy, I'm so glad your sisters "made" you start this blog. You know how we love blogs these days. It's a great way for us to keep up with you without calling/texting or whatever and bugging you. I was wanting to hear how you are doing. Now I can just check your blog. Yeah!!! Good job with it too. Please try to be patient and stay put as much as possible. I'll keep praying for you and those precious boys. Miss you at work.

  2. Who knew a stroll could be so exciting? And that dinner sounds awesome!