Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boost the lungs:NICU day 23

Last night was a little unsettling at the hospital. Right as we walked in, we were told that they ran out of breast milk and they had to start giving some formula.  I'm standing there wondering WHY DID A NURSE NOT CALL ME TO SAY "Hey, bring more milk next time you come." We have a freezer FULL of milk and if I'm working my hiney off to pump every 3-5 hours and waking up at all hours of the night to get it done, then I deserve that reminder. (Yes, I'm also getting up at those crazy hours to prepare my body for when the babies do require a feeding or attention... so I am doing my best to get used to it. I'm not quite complaining--sleepy, yes, but not complaining.) I just didn't understand why one of the many nurses we have couldn't do us a small  favor and give us a phone call. I'm being a little selfish......I know everyone gets distracted and I know they're busy, but wouldn't it make sense after grabbing the LAST syringe of milk to make the phone call to bring some more??? Grr!

Okay, I'm over it. Sean drove home last night and brought all the rest we had in the freezer so the babies are gettin' the good stuff, again.

On the other hand, the doctor needed our consent to start the babies on a new treatment for their lungs. They are both going to be getting steroids (Don't remember the exact medication) to help boost and develop their lungs and make them stronger. Over the past week the boys have had good and bad days, but have not progressed forward, so the doctor believes this can help them get off the ventilators. It makes us very concerned about the use of steroids as their is a risk for infections, and the possibility of brain damage. The way the steroids were given in the past was with a higher dosage and  over a longer time period of time and with this method it has shown that it can cause brain issues. This new procedure (they've done for only the past four years) consist of getting a lower dosage and for the duration of just 12-14 days. There has not been any evidence that it has caused issues, but our doctor says that it could happen. So we are stuck with a catch-22. We can keep them on the ventilators and risk long-term damage to the lungs; and they could still need to get the steroids anyways, or we give the steroids now and have the slight chance of brain issues. Sean and I talked with the doctor about the percentages and we even asked if this were his child (or in this case, his children) what would he do? We decided to go ahead and give the steroids as the probability of damage is lower than just keeping them on the ventilators. Even with the steroids, they could still need some support but they believe that it's near 100% chance Carter can be taken off the ventilator and a 70% chance Luke can as well. Even if Luke does not get off immediately, they believe he will be able to shortly afterwards. It's a lot to take in but, it is the best solution that we have right now and after listening to the nurses (who know our babies the best) this is the best solution to their medical needs.

With all that said, please continue to lift Carter and Luke up in your prayers.

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