Thursday, November 11, 2010

Special card: NICU day 10

Pictures from last night.

It is so hard seeing Carter's face like this. With the nose tube, they want him to keep his mouth closed so they strap his chin up so tight. The tube gets pressed in so hard that he's getting a bruise under his nose. It makes me so teary eyed seeing him like this.

And here's sweet little Luke. He's been doing good. He's still on a little oxygen (35%) which isn't too bad considering we breathe at 21%. They are working on switching him back to the nose tube again within the next day or so. Those velcro stickers should be gone tonight when we visit as he is done with the photo therapy and the goofy glasses. They GLUE those stickers to their hurts just thinking about it being pulled off!

I received a card in the mail today from Dr. Nelson. Yeah, that put a huge smile on my face! (if you don't know Dr. Nelson, she's just the Assistant Superintendent , ehh no big deal.. no really, she is A big deal. She also used to be my elementary principal. =) So sweet of her!!


  1. I didn't know Dr. Nelson was your Elementary principal! That was so thoughtful!!