Thursday, December 2, 2010

1/3 down: NICU day 31

We've experienced one whole month on the rollercoaster of the NICU and the babies have come a long way, aside the couple of set backs which are expected. The last thirty days have flown by and I cannot imagine how time will fly when they actually come home and enter our busy lives. I've learned that time is too precious to take anything for granted. The prayers and uplifting words from everyone thinking of us and following our blog has been so great and encouraging. It amazes me the work that God has been doing on these two little miracles. Although we have another sixty days (give or take some time) we will continue to pray each day for strong growth and development.

We held the babies tonight again (swaddled and rocked them) and they were both awake and very alert. It was another great day for both. They kept the nurse very busy in fact. After two diaper explosions, changing of their bedding twice and both pulling their feeding tubes out they definitely know how to keep the nurse on her toes!

Here's a couple pics of Luke while Sean was holding him.
Where's Waldo??

Ohh, there he is!!
And Auntie Mel holding Carter

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