Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Little Bundles:NICU day 58

The babies are very comfortable these days.  Can ya tell? There's little Luke when I unwrapped his blanket.

They're both still on the same oxygen flow (6) but only receiving about 25% oxygen which is great. We breathe at 21%.
Luke now weighs 4lbs and 10oz
Carter now weighs 4lbs and 14oz

Although the babies are doing good, our next big step is to get that oxygen flow lowered so we can start the bottle feeding process. The babies have been making the sucking movement for weeks now with their little mouths and tongues but we need them to be able to breathe, suck and swallow very comfortably when we start the bottles and all this without so much flow of oxygen. 

Thanks for your continued prayers. Before we know it, they'll be home and I'll be calling for babysitters, haha!

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