Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drained: NICU day 66

What Mom???

Carter and those little hands of his...he is too funny!

Sean and I are physically and mentally drained from everything going on. We are so thankful for all of the prayers through this journey thus far but getting through these last weeks is completely wearing on us and it seems like everything has finally caught up with us.  We will be so glad to end the hospital visits (we will miss the nurses though), the meals on the go, the frequent gas fill ups and the piles of other things we have put LAUNDRY and lesson plans!
Feisty little Luke

On two really positive notes: Both boys have been lowered to 4 on their oxygen flow.

...And Carter was given his FIRST bottle tonight. He did so well! Although, he got a little sleepy he still got over halfway through finishing. The nurse said she was really impressed with his interest in the bottle this early. He managed breathing and swallowing very well. We will try the bottle with him again on Friday to see if he can get through the whole thing. Luke, like most of this experience is just a few days behind. He'll catch up to his brother one day, I know it!
 So proud.

Hallelujah! Funniest picture yet.


  1. Woohoo Carter! Hang in there momma!!!

  2. Congrats on Carter's first bottle...things will all start falling in place now and you will be home before you know it!