Sunday, January 2, 2011

Touchdown: NICU day 62

 Happy New Year!!!

As we look back on 2010, aside from this experience which is making us stronger as a couple, I can truly say that God blessed us with a really wonderful year. I started my second year teaching elementary Art and Sean started his second year teaching 8th grade U.S. History. We bought our first house together. We purchased our first SUV together which was definitely a necessity with the twins on board. And last, we had two little boys that we weren't expecting until 2011.=)
We have A LOT to look forward to as a population of 4. BABIES, BABIES, and staying SANE! This year is going to teach us so much and we're going to experience so many new things that I cannot even wrap my mind around. First on my To Do List: Join a Mother's of Multiples Group! I need advice, advice and a lot more advice.  I was a nanny for over five years but I feel like it taught me nothing now that we have two of our own. We now have two extra mouths to feed, four extra hands to clean, twenty little fingers to clip, two carseats to carry, a double stroller to fit, push and fold without going crazy And two extra little beds to make! It's going to be a huge challenge but Sean is the best teammate anyone could ever have and with him, I am looking forward to all of this. So, Cheers to 2011 and lots of dirty diapers!

We spent the first day of the new year watching football (Tech and TCU games specifically) and we spent a lot of quality time with each other. Sean has been full of surprises lately and one of  his surprises to me was tickets to the Tickey City Bowl, Tech vs. Northwestern. It was really windy and cold but the game was great. Here's one pic I took of the band. 
Tech 45
Northwestern 38
Wreck 'em Tech!

 The babies were in the football spirit too..

Kenny and Connie, thanks for the TCU and Tech hats!
Carter and Daddy.. Go Frogs!
ROSE BOWL (Towe Family, we were looking for ya'll on TV)
TCU 21

And Luke and I.. Go Tech!
The babies are doing really good. They both still have the nasal cannula on flow 6 and both still have the feeding tube. This week, the nurses are going to start the bottle feeding process. During that time, they will lower the oxygen flow to a 2  to see how they handle it.  FINGERS CROSSED it all goes well. I am so anxious to get everything off of their little faces.

The two week break has been so nice but it's back to reality tomorrow. I get to see my other 540 kiddos. This next month should fly by and then I'm off again for the remainder of my maternity leave of 7-8 weeks. So much to look forward to..

May your New Year be blessed with all good things!
Much Love.


  1. Happy New Year! The boys are doing GREAT... they'll be home before you know it. Join OUR Moms of Multiples group! :) You'll love it. It's been a huge blessing to me and SO MUCH FUN.