Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bobble head

We had a little amateur photo shoot today in the living room. The boys are growing so much. They're drooling now, smiling a lot more and they're so much more content; very happy babies! Carter is doing really good with holding his head up but Luke is still a little bit of a Bobble-head. The boys get to hang out with Grandma (aka GG, Gorgeous Grandma) everyday at home while Sean and I are at work. We are so thankful for this! I don't know how I would've handled dropping them off somewhere. Not to say I won't have to do that in August but we'll handle that later. The plans for next year are still up in the air but we are on the waiting list for the Child Development Center. We're sitting at #26 and #27 on the list which is not real good because they only take 14 infants, I think.

Today was a wonderful day! Sean mowed the lawn and I played with the boys all day. They napped, I napped..they're such sweet boys. We all took a walk this evening and not only was the weather amazing but our neighborhood is Amazing! It was like Wisteria Lane minus the Desperate Housewives. Everyone was outside, kids playing everywhere, everybody says hello to each other, neighbors taking each other cookies and borrowing eggs. Okay, the cookies and eggs part was a lie but it's really that great. We met another family with kids a couple houses down. What blessings we have to be so happy and healthy.

We are starting to ween the boys off of their swing-sleeping before it's too late, so tonight we put them in their cribs. It's been an hour since we laid them down and so far, so good.

We haven't taken the boys to church yet but we're going to try for Easter Sunday. We still take extreme caution when taking them out so they don't get sick. However, we are getting more and more comfortable with taking them places. We just fear the loud-crying-embarrassing-baby in church. Occasionally, they do feed off of each other; one cries and the other wants to be louder. Things are just so different with two babies and it can be very hard to take them places. We realized that our car seats didn't fit in an upside down high chair at one restaurant and we learned that our stroller is too long for some things (elevators and small waiting rooms especially). This is all such a fun learning experience and very comical at times!

Boys are asleep, Sean's asleep, Harley's asleep, now it's my turn. G' Night!

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