Friday, June 24, 2011


40 bottles
The formula we use went up in price so with our $10 off coupons that are about to expire we're stocking up. Unfortunately, all of these bottles will last about twenty days.

A couple weeks ago, we slowly started the boys on a less expensive Similac and they both had reactions. Luke became extremely fussy and unhappy and Carter's stools became really hard. So, we're sticking with the Alimentum for now. The boys are doing great with the solids we've introduced. They've eaten green beans, peas, squash, pears, carrots and sweet potatoes and haven't turned any of it down so far.

Who doesn't love a freshly bathed baby wrapped up in a towel??? 

The boys personalities are developing so differently and it is so fun to watch them interact.

Luke is 90% of the time very quiet with the exception of a few loud sounds here and there. He observes his brother a lot, loves to cuddle and loves to be sung to.

Carter is active, active, active! He loves to see how loud his voice can get or he'll get a little feisty and he  loves books.

We have some exciting news that I finally, I get to spill here on the blog.

Angie is pregnant!!! Sean and I are so excited to become an aunt and uncle.
She is due December 22nd. She is 14 weeks and feeling good.  We can't wait for the boys to have a cousin who will be close to their age.

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  1. The boys are looking so great! Congratulations on being an aunt! Hope you are enjoying the summer with your little angels