Monday, November 12, 2012


The boys love this old school popper toy that they can push and pull around like a vacuum. Lately, all we hear is Pop pop pop poppopoppopopopoppppp around the house! Thank you Auntie Mel for stealing any last bit of silence that we had left. The boys are obsessed with this toy, OBSESSED! It's the first thing they pick up in the morning and the last thing they put down before bed. They even park it outside the bedroom door as if it has it's own parking spot. We eat with this toy, we snuggle with this toy and if we allowed it in their bedroom, they would sleep with the thing.  Let me just give you a little idea of the connection the boys have with this new loud, popcorn popper!

Thank you Auntie Mel.

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  1. LOL! My mom got a pink one for Brynlee. POP POP POP POP! Joey gets so annoyed. I hid it from her and she found it. Then she looked at me like, "Silly Mommy.." POP! POP! POP!