Friday, November 19, 2010

All Smiles: NICU day 18

Yesterday, Mom took off school to hang out with me and get some things done. She helped me do so much so Thanks, Mom! We organized the nursery from all the wonderful, WONDERFUL gifts Sean's school got us and we ran errands. The nursery is really coming together and it really excites me. Sean put the stroller together and we put the car seats in it so I started pushing it around the house. I love it! Here's a pic.
ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night was a completely different night in the NICU. We have had probably 7 different nurses (they work 3 on and 4 off) but the last 3 nights, we've had an awesome nurse; his name is Loyd (I always wanna call him Nurse Focker but that totally doesn't fit) and he is Amazing! He is so thorough, he's funny but also very serious, he breaks everything down for us to understand and he gives lots of hugs and most importantly he's so good with Luke and Carter! He just stands out to us a little more than some of the other nurses but they are all really great.

We also met a few other families during our visit last night and it's very interesting to share our stories. We realized that we're all in the NICU for the long hual which will be comforting to see the same faces through this experience. We all delivered around 27 weeks (very ironic) and our little ones are all on similar machines..for now anyway, although things change every single day. When I heard a story of another baby being born at 27 weeks and only weighing 1 lb and 6 oz, I gotta really be thankful for delivering twins that were over 2 lbs.
8weeks Sonogram
Again, things do change everyday and everyone's situation is actually very different regardless of gestational age and birth weights. Talking to other families who are in the same situation is very reassuring. So, for Sean and I last night, it was a very positive evening! Here's also why..

Carter was soooo PRECIOUS last night!!! He was wide awake, big dark eyes (they look grey like his Momma's eyes) and he was looking all over the place. Anytime I would talk he looked directly at me and it just melted my heart because a little part of me started to believe he may be recognizing my voice a little more and more. Yayy!

Sweet little Luke...... being on the Oscillator machine, he's pretty out of it. They have to keep him sedated so he doesn't become uncomfortable while his lungs are wiggling. He was pretty sleepy and all tucked in really cute. He tried to open his eyes a few times, but they seemed to be just too heavy. He looked very peaceful overall.

I cannot express the excitement of just thinking about bringing them home!!!


  1. Praying for you guys. Just came accross your blog. I have micro-preemie twins born 2 days apart at 23w5d and 24 weeks.
    It's a long road in the NICU but many people praying.

  2. I checked out your blog..and wow!!!!! It is very reassuring to us to find out so many other families have been here and done this. =)

  3. Wow, special prayers for ALL families going through this. The boys sound so precious and I LOVE the stroller!