Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beyond the wires: NICU day 16

Amy has requested that I post the update on Carter and Luke today. So here it goes.

Luke – Is “enjoying” his new breathing machine and they believe it is helping him in removing the air pockets that have caused his issues in his lungs. They do not know when he will be strong enough to breathe on his own but say each day he is getting a little better. Feeding may start soon again and this will help him in gaining weight. The disturbing image is that they have a needle stuck in his forehead to get and give blood. They said his veins everywhere else are to small and that it is actually less painful in the forehead, it just looks bad but is suppose to help him.
Luke was very content and sound asleep

Amy and I – We had a great day as my school threw Amy and me our first baby shower and did an amazing job. It was nice to just enjoy great cake and food with people that truly care about us. The genuine love, thoughts, and prayers that my co-workers have for my family is something all people should have in their lives. I have only known these wonderful people for a year and they have touched my heart in a way that they will never truly know. On top of what the wonderful people I work with did, and also getting us so many of the things we need, my mother informed us that if needed she will take time away from her work and take care of the babies when Amy needs to go back to work. That is a huge blessing as we have not been able to find a care-giver for April and May.

Carter – Is doing better with the tube helping him breathe. The reason they believe his lungs started to digress was that he has an infection. They have him on antibiotics and believe they caught in early enough that he should recuperate just fine. Amy might even be able to Kangaroo care tomorrow. The good news is that they did another scan of his head and the slight brain “bleeds” (don’t know technical name) are gone and he will be just fine. They will test him again in two weeks to make sure.
I think this is Carter's default face. (Daddy changing his diaper)

Both – They both needed more blood with all the blood tests that have been taken and so they received blood transfusions. They will probably need some more as they are still just too young to replenish their blood as fast as it is being drawn for testing.

Looking past all the machines, tubes, wires and beeps we have ourselves two little precious angels, both a little fisty in their own way. I think they are developing little personalites already and I also believe that they are looking more and more like their daddy. I might be out numbered, but what girl wouldn't wanna be around three handsome boys! (haha, I say that now.. I'm sure you're thinking Wait until they start playing sports and they start smelling and they come home covered in dirt and everything else that boys get into. Growing up with two sisters, we would just fight over clothes hangers and the hair dryer.) Overall, Tuesday afternoon and into the evening was pretty good for both babies. (The nurse would call it a "forward" day.) 

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  1. Yeah, I can't wait till they are teenagers....y'all are going to have a HUGE grocery bill!