Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stayin' Busy: NICU day 15

The babies are 2 weeks old today (gestational age: 29 weeks tomorrow)

Luke weighs 2lbs 3oz (back to his birth weight) Luke is having a better day today. He is getting blood again sometime today and still on high frequency ventilator.

Carter weighs 2lbs 7oz (2 oz more than his birth weight) Carter is needing more blood to help with oxygen and breathing. He is doing fine overall just not as active as before. They are holding off on feedings for both. No kangaroo care today either =(


I'd like to say I've kept CVS photo lab in business the last few weeks. I've printed off more pictures in the last two weeks than I think I have printed off in the last two years! Here's what I've been up to while being at home and still can't drive yet. With all my pictures now, I'm simply reminded that I have two little bundles of joy coming home in just a short time after Christmas. 
Here's what else I've gotten into. We love Christmas so we love decorating the house. I'm probably a little OCD when it comes to matching Christmas decor with the colors in our house so we did buy a new color of decor and ornaments this year. LIME GREEN! I love it. Our inspiration of color..

My aunt reminded me last night that it's perfectly okay to have a completely emotional day of tears galore, but that I also have to take some time and do small things that make me happy...well, getting the Christmas decor out BEFORE Thanksgiving made me smile really big so that's what we did.  

Sean was such a sport about it all. Well, when is he not a sport?? He pulled all of the bins out of the garage and he emptied them to see what we all had before we went to Hobby Lobby x4 to buy more stuff. 

I skipped a day of visiting the babies yesterday. I was needing a quiet day at home to relax and not do a single thing. 
I wanted to skip hearing the beeping machines, 
the funny hospital smells, and of course
the information overload that we get some days.  

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