Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Prayers for Luke: NICU day 8

Poor little Luke. I got a phone call this morning at 6:15am from the nurse letting me know that Luke had a rough night with his breathing. He was taken off the nose tube and put back on the mouth breathing tube along with the support of 85% oxygen. The babies haven't really needed any oxygen support since they were born so this was definitely a step backwards for him. They took an X-ray and it showed that his left lung was still storing small pockets of air and it's not allowing much air to get through. He is doing okay so far..

The best feeling in the World!

On the other hand, I got to start Kangaroo Care with Carter last night. They placed him inside of my shirt for one hour and he just slept; well I took a small nap too. His heartrate was great and the nurse said he was just lovin' every minute of that closeness. The bottom picture was after we took him out of my shirt and took the blankets off. Isn't he tiny?? Not the best pic of me..by any means..I look pale and sick. But whose looking at me, right??

My tiny little twin # 1

I'm off to the hospital to check on Luke in a little bit. I feel like I live at the hospital..........

Today at the hospital was a little rough. They had all these screens around Luke for sterile purposes. But to anyone who didn't know what was going it, it looked like a really big deal as my baby was all blocked off for anyone to see him. Blinds were closed all around...ugh! They were inserting an IV in his other arm for feeding purposes. They took a second x-ray of his lungs and they were looking much better this afternoon. Both babies have the IV in their arms now for better feeding. They take a small tube out of their umbilical chords and use the IV for the same purpose.

7:30pm..off to the hospital to read some bedtime stories.


  1. Amy - You, Luke, and Carter continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if you need anything. Those baby boys are of yours are fighters!

  2. Thanks Christina. Luke can definitely use some prayers right now. =(

  3. Amy, I'm praying for those precious boys. I'm also praying for your strength and patience. I cannot imagine how hard it was to leave them at the hospital and go home without them. But remember they are at the best place for them right now. You take good care of yourself and get some rest too, so you will be strong for them. Praying continously even as I shelve those books. Blessings.

  4. Praying for Luke. The NICU stay is full of ups and downs-- steps forwards and backwards. Such an emotional roller coaster, but hang in there! The boys just need time to grow and thrive- they will. Praying!

  5. Sean and Amy, I just got my first chance to see these pictures and all! My prayers now have "Faces" to go along with their names!! There gorgeous, handsome little guys. To see little Carter next to Sean's hand in the diaper change picture, I almost lost it...so tiny - but I held on!! That one picture definitely show just "how big" your sons are. My prayers are with you every day. Someday, I hope to be honored by their presence. My love to you and Sean, too!