Monday, November 8, 2010

It's the small things: NICU day 7

Luke's feet

 Bless Luke's tiny little heart. He has a big IV on his wrist again for feeding. He wasn't eating through the tube that was going through his belly so they're trying another method. He lost a little more weight, so he's back at 2 lbs exactly. The nurses say he's doing fine and they're pretty positive about his progress, so I'm not too worried. 



Both babies are now on small nose breathing tubes which just assists with their breathing. They are breathing on their own pretty well but this tube is a reminder for them to continue breathing.
See the green IV? Luke's hand is all wrapped up in that. It looks horrible.

Although the babies look almost worse now...squooshed faces, caps and nose tubes..they have both taken a step forward.

I got my staples out today and it was absolutely painless, phew!!

Tonight, we get to start Kangaroo Care with Carter so I will actually get to hold the sweet little pea. If everything continues to go well with Luke, we should be able to hold him within the next day or so. Fingers crossed for that little fighter.

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  1. YAY! Love that they are making progress! And I'm sorry, but those are precious feet!