Sunday, November 7, 2010

I love you: NICU day 6



I don't have much to write today as both babies are doing okay. They look a little better each day we visit and it makes it that much harder to leave the hospital. Words cannot express the love we have towards these two little human beings. I remember a few friends and my cousin just recently saying something like, you have no idea what it feels like to be a mother and to love something so much until they actually enter the world. Boy, they were absolutely right! The feelings are so hard to explain. 

 This is the last day for the little breathing tube on Carter.
He's taken a step forward to a nose tube (c-pap). 

Carter knows his Daddy
Luke, asleep like this.

Luke looks pretty skinny here but he's still the same weight as a few days ago. He's already developing a little personality if you can't tell. (Pictures during phototherapy to prevent jaundice)

It's more obvious each day that Luke was just not quite ready to enter the world yet as he has a few more small complications than Carter each day. He's already had a blood transfusion, which was successful. He has a poor left lung which still has a lot of developing to do. He's had several more X-rays than Carter to check on different areas. His feeding tube was far enough in his tummy and they have been trying to fix that for a day now. He's had quite the number of pokes and prods on his ankle and wrist for different IV's and drawing blood. He is still on the c-pap machine that covers a lot of his face. Poor thing!

I'd say Carter owes him big time when they get older. Overall, he's a fighter and he's hanging in there. They say we will see lots of ups and downs throughout the next couple of months; hopefully Luke can overcome all of these complications and catch up to his brother. The nurses remind us each day that they babies are doing very well for their age.


  1. Looks like your sweet boys are doing great! Praying for Luke and Carter and for YOU and your hubby too.

  2. Thank you Amy!! Hey..I sent you an email.. not sure if you got it. =)