Saturday, November 6, 2010

This is us!: NICU day 5

Here we are!!! 

I'm Luke Robert Coffey and I currently weigh 2lbs and 1oz. I This stuff on my face bugs me and sometimes I pull it right off to scare Mommy and the nurses. The doctor said he heard a murmur while listening to my heart so that means I have a small hole in my heart. After three doses of some medication (like Ibuprofen) it can heal itself. My left lung was and is still a little under developed but I get propped up on my left side to help me breath better. If you remember me in your prayers tonight, I could use healing of my heart and continuous growth of my left lung, along with strength to continue growing and developing so I can go home.
Precious little Luke 
I'm Carter Jacob Coffey and I currently weigh 2lbs and 1 oz, like my brother. I like holding on to fingers and I don't like when Mommy and Daddy leave. The doctor heard a murmur in my heart so I also have a small hole in my heart but hopefully it will heal soon. This is very common in preemies, I guess. My left lung was very cloudy for awhile there and now it is all cleared up; I can breathe out of both lungs now. My breathing is a little better than Luke's so the nurse is going to take my breathing tube out of my mouth in the next day or two and put a small tube into my nose to see how well I do. Luke should be progressing to the nose tube in a day or so too! If you remember me in your prayers tonight, pray for my brother that he will continue to progress, as he is a day or two behind me. I don't think he was ready to enter the world yet, hence he did not rupture his sac like I did.
Precious little Carter

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