Monday, November 29, 2010

Sleepy: NICU day 28

Long day today and I'm feeling stressed about getting things done. Catching up, redoing and reteaching is never fun. So much to cover in so little time but I did enjoy seeing everyone at school today and all the kiddos.

I'm off to the hospital and will update on the boys later. I wish I had my own isolate like the boys; I'd crawl in and not come out for awhile.
These pictures were taken tonight. (blurry pics are from our iphone)
We swaddled up Carter and I held him in the rocking chair and rocked him to sleep. Kangaroo care is really special but tonight, I could actually look at him and he was wide awake for awhile. Tonight was just amazing and nothing else in the world mattered. Just what I needed! 

 Tomorrow night we'll hold Luke

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