Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baths:NICU day 43

The babies are 6 weeks today!

We didn't hold Luke yesterday because he was a little fussy. His sats were pretty low (and red) throughout the day so the nurse scheduled to do some tests to make sure he was doing alright. Luckily, after Sean changed his huge diaper, his sats raised and the happy/unhappy # turned blue and we love when that number is blue. The nurse decided to cancel the tests she had scheduled. Who would've thought, a poopy diaper can make a baby so unhappy?? haha! After we left, Luke had a few episodes and the best way to explain it.. he would hold his breath for a few seconds and then pant for air. It was nothing major and it was never for longer than 20 seconds so it was not quite an Apenia. Other than that, he slept well and is doing great today. Dr. Foster said he looks more alert and perky today!

Carter did great last night when I held him. He was very content the whole time..needless to say, his mother was very content, too!

We are giving them baths tonight for our first time so I'm excited about that.

Unfortunately, we did not have time to give Luke a bath because his feeding schedule would be really far off so the nurse was going to bathe Luke tonight at 11pm. We went camera crazy tonight. Here's Luke looking precious as ever!! I'm hoping those dark eyes stay dark, like their Momma's. =)

looks like his Daddy

Bathtime for Carter

Check out all my hair!

How adorable is this??

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  1. Oh my gooooodness they are so stinkin cute!!