Sunday, December 12, 2010

NICU day 41

It's 9:05pm Sunday night and I'm just now sitting down for the first time this weekend. Sean and I had a really busy weekend a with holiday party, a cookie walk, a wedding, the Coffey's Christmas and we were able to see the babies four times. The boys have been doing GREAT! Both are tolerating their feeds, maintaining their own temperatures, gaining weight and no brady's (where their heartrate drops).

Luke weighs 3lbs and 3oz.
Carter weighs 3lbs and 2oz.

Funny story: I called to check on the boys Saturday night after leaving the wedding and the nurses were all chuckling in the background because Carter was putting on a show. He took his nasal cannula out of his nose, pushed it up to this forehead so it looked like a halo, then he pushed his blanket over his head and he shuffled his way down to the bottom of his bed. Personality already, I think so!
Luke in his Santa wouldn't stay on very well. = (
Carter in his Santa Hat (hats made by Grandma Coffey)

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  1. Amy, the boys look amazing! I am so glad that they are doing so well! I missed getting to meet you last weekend. Maybe we can meet up for lunch over the break! I know that I am ready for some r&r and can only imagine how ready you are too! Hang in there! Take care!
    :) Michele