Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas hats: NICU day 39

The boys had a pretty good day yesterday. Carter's lungs seemed to be "wet" so that can cause a little trouble with breathing. He was given some medicine to get rid of a lot of the extra fluid he was retaining. Luke did well overall. The nurses surprised us with 3 things: adorable Christmas hats, they were swaddled in their beds (this means they are on air mode and they are working on maintaining their own temperature) and they were both wearing CLOTHES! Both babies had on preemie onesies and they looked so precious. This was a huge milestone for the boys and I am one happy Mommy today!!!!!


Carter aka Mommy's little HOT DOG...could he be ANY longer? But so precious.


  1. These pictures are just precious. Love the hats and love that they can now wear onesies. Before you know it, those little preemie onesies won't be so tiny!!!

  2. Yay for clothes!! Last week when Joshua got to wear clothes, it almost made me cry I was so happy. Who would have thought such a small thing could be so special? Congrats Luke and Carter!

  3. OMG those hats...SOOO PRCECIOUS!!!