Thursday, December 9, 2010

NICU day 38

Luke had a few episodes yesterday where he wasn't getting enough oxygen and it made him have trouble breathing. They up'd his flow on the nasal cannula to 6 which is the highest setting. He was down to 5. If he has a lot of trouble again they will have to put him back on the cpap, which is the blue and clear nose tube that smooshes their face and bruises their nose pretty bad. Carter is doing fine and his flow is down to 4 on the nasal cannula. When they get their flow down to 2 (I think!) they will begin to try bottle feeds so that's our next goal. The nurse said they both had a really good night and they are tolerating feeds like normal. Both are gaining weight aswell.

We visited yesterday at the 5 o'clock Touch Time so that we could get home at a normal hour. The 8 o'clock Touch Times always turn into two and three hour visits, which is nice but getting home after 11:30pm every night is hard to do when trying to stay on the 3 hour pump schedule.

The babies both got eye evaulations yesterday. The exam sounds like torture but apparently the boys tolerated it well. I'll get results later this afternoon.

The night nurses made these for all the babies.

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  1. I am so impressed with those night nurses...they sound like angels!