Saturday, December 4, 2010

Go Big Red: NICU day 33

Saturday morning....After being back at school for a week, I'm feeling like a normal person again. I have other things on my mind to stay busy and since the boys have done so good I haven't been as emotional. I'm enjoying the Children's Medical Parade on TV right now. I cannot wait to take the babies to it next year. Sean and I are going to make it a tradition to go every year with our friends, The Dominy's and The Coates and their little babies. Mom and Dad volunteer for the parade every year so I cannot wait to get that perfect spot on the curb for the boys to see all the cool floats. I feel like I can kindof relate to those patients they have been showing on TV sitting in the hospital; it's so sad and I feel for those precious little kids.

The boys were doing great last night. Aunt Angie and Uncle John came along with us and we all held them and rocked them to sleep. They are both taking 24ml on their feedings right now. When they reach 30ml (or 1oz) that is considered a full feeding. After doing the math, the boys are taking 12.8oz a day and I am hardly keeping up with that! Both boys have been getting more frequent baths and they are both getting new larger beds. The beds are still enclosed (just a larger isolette) but it will not be long before they are both in open beds. When they can maintain their body temperature they will be moved to open cribs. At that same time, they will get to wear some CLOTHES!! The nurses said I need to bring some little preemie outfits up there soon, yeah!!

That's all for now.. going to see them at 5pm and then home for some BIG XII football, GO BIG RED!!!

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