Sunday, December 5, 2010

back and forth: NICU day 34

back and forth, back and forth.....the driving is getting very tiring. Of course, Sean is a good sport about it but it gets especially tiring when we get there and the nurses tell us "We only have one bottle of milk left." This could not get more frustrating. I don't think they realize families who visit their babies only once a day do not live five minutes from the hospital! Therefore, we will be driving back again tonight. I feel like we aren't getting much sleep..or it's just broken up sleep. I keep getting asked if I'm getting enough sleep but how can I when I have to pump every two to three hours?? Even doing that, I'm not making enough for both babies. One baby....we have plenty, but We'll empty our freezer tonight and with that, it will only last for the next four days. We're eating at crazy hours of the day and then dinner is small or non existent some nights. I can't remember the last time we sat down at our kitchen table to eat a normal meal. Our schedules are so wonky-jacked right now and if I could just sleep at the stinky hospital I think we would be much better, or would we? Juggling the visits, work and our normal lives is cuh-razy!! Well, I better only speak for myself--I am tired. Sean is always pretty smiley! I can hardly think about tomorrow because I'm just trying to get through Today. Just call me Debbie Downer today......tomorrow will be better!

On a more positive note:
The babies always make me SMILE!!! I love them so much, more and more each day in fact!! They were doing very good today. Carter has had several bradycardias in the last two days. I hate to hear it but it happens with preemies. We held the boys today and they were both very content. Grandma Coffey held Carter and Sean and I traded off with Luke. I'm getting more and more impatient on bringing them home. They have started making the sucking motion with their mouth and tongues when they're about to get fed and the nurse said "That's not only a good sign but that means they are Growing!!"

well, it's 7:38pm ... gotta run!

8pm visit was good also. The night nurse had them all tucked in and they looked precious! We cannot say enough about the night nurses! They are UH-mazing! The day nurses are a complete different story. If you can't tell, the nurses play a big impact in this whole experience. Luke will need to apologize to this sweet nurse when he is able to talk because he did a number (to say the least) while she was changing his diaper tonight. I won't get into details but whatever Luke did.......I didn't know was even possible; it was rather inhumane!

Sweet Luke

Cute Carter

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