Monday, December 6, 2010

No news: NICU day 35

is good news. The boys were having another great day and they are now taking 25 ml on their feedings. They are both 16" long and Carter is weighing exactly 3lbs and Luke is 3lbs and 1oz.

My school threw me a baby shower today and it was really nice! The cake was so cute (Team Coffey) and it was delicious: with all the extra there was, I'm sure the nurses will love it when we take it to them tonight. The gifts were all really great and everything will be so useful when the little bundles come home, so Thank you!

I've been asked several times lately when the babies will get to come home and here are their goals for being discharged:

1. No Apneas or Bradycardias for 5-7 days
2. Maintaining body temperature in an open crib
3. Gaining weight consistently
4. Feeding consistently from a bottle 
5. No other complications
So, there it is. We're looking at early February (40 weeks gestation) but it really all depends on the them. The biggest challenge for them is #4. They not only have to learn the sucking, swallowing and breathing technique (which starts around 34 weeks) but they have to be able to take eight bottles a day. Here's the hard part, if they build up to taking five bottles one day and then the next day they only take one (due to getting sleepy or just not wanting the bottle etc etc), they have to start all over at one bottle again. This process can take awhile, I hear.  I have a good feeling the boys are going to be big eaters so I'm going to continue to believe they can do it!

Headed to Touch Time now...will update more later.

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