Sunday, December 19, 2010

Open Crib: NICU day 48

Last night we got an amazing surprise when we arrived to see Carter and Luke. They were out of the isoletes and into an open crib together. They looked so adorable laying swaddled together. Their temperatures are doing good, and they are both getting over a full feed now.
Luke - is getting 31 ML of milk and there is no change on his oxygen flow.
Carter - is recieving 33 ML of milk, no change on flow, and has not had any BradyCardias as of yet today.

Pictures to come.

We bought the boys Baby's First Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree. It's so hard to believe that they cannot spend their first Christmas at home with us. I don't even feel like a Mom yet and this is not the way that any family is suppose to start their lives after having children. As selfish as it may sound, we never thought it would ever be us.

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