Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not a fan of the brady's: NICU day 47

Carter had a brady this morning. His heart rate slowed  down too much; the machines beep really loud and the closest nurse usually rushes over to wake him up. Bradycardias can happen from many different things: infection, over-stimulation, body temperature changes or acid reflux. Both boys are still in isolettes and receiving oxygen through a nasal cannula and both still requiring the highest flow on the cannula. Carter has been on 28% oxygen and Luke has been on 40% oxygen today. Carter is over 1800 grams in weight now but since he is still needing a high flow and oxygen, they don't want to move him to the open crib yet. They also want to wait for Luke to gain some more weight so they can move them to one bed together. They are still progressing a lot and doing very, very good.

We had an amateur photo shoot the other night.
Merry Christmas!
Carter on left, Luke on right


  1. hehehe. Love the pictures. It looks like they are giggling in the first two! =)

  2. Hi, I hate to be the bearer of bads news but a "friend" of mine who I found out is not who they say they are, is using your pictures and your story.

    I really thought you should know this.