Thursday, December 16, 2010

Scoop:NICU day 45

The scoop for today.

Feedings: They are both still being fed through the small orange tube. Luke's feedings have increased to 29cc (almost a full feeding). Carter is now getting 31cc (so he's getting just over a full feeding) now. Full feeding is 30cc or 1 oz.

Weight: Luke weighs the same as the last post, 3lbs 7oz. Carter is up to 3lbs 10oz (1640 grams). A good weight gain is an ounce a day or roughly around 5-7oz a week.

Open Crib: When they weigh 1800 grams they will be moved to an open crib and co-bed them. I can't wait for that! The nurse said Carter could be in an open crib within the next few days. Luke is more likely to be moved within a week or so.

Bottle feedings: They will try the bottle on them both when their weight increases a little more and see how they do.

Will Kangaroo with both again tonight. =)

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