Monday, January 24, 2011

The anticipation:NICU Day 84

The boys did not have any bradies last night and are sleeping right now. The nurse will feed them around 9-9:30 depending on when they wake up. (They have been doing pretty good with the 4 hour schedule.) The doctors will be evaluating in a couple of hours and we're suppose to call back around 1 or 2pm for an update.

I cannot even think straight. I'm unsure of what's going to happen today. I've prayed all morning that the babies are healthy enough to f i n a l l y come home. The waiting hurts..

Will update in a few hours..

Carter had a brady right after Sean called this morning so this adds A N O T H E R five long and dreadful days. Luke is doing great breathing at 21%. When he wakes up, the nurse is going to take his cannula off and see how he does without it. The tentative plan is to Room In at the hospital on Saturday and bring the babies home on Sunday.

This is longer than we had planned but as you can tell, they need more time. We have been so incredibly patient and to wait another week just eats me alive. I just want to hold my babies! Do I sound like a child?? Think about the last time you wanted something so bad and you just couldn't have it. Only replace it with your brand new little baby.


  1. Praying for good news...I know it's hard! Hang in there and take care momma!

  2. Prayers in Utah for you. I know you're hurting in every way possible.... I'm sorry!

  3. Many, MANY prayers coming our way Amy!!! Positive thoughts coming your way as well =)

  4. Ugh! I know it's SO HARD to wait- especially when it's sooooo close to going home time. BUT you definitely want them to come home when they are good and ready. (which will be SOON!). Praying for those boys & you and your hubby too.