Monday, January 10, 2011

chunky monkeys:NICU DAY 70!!!

Carter is up to taking three bottles as of today and he now weighs 6 POUNDS! I envision our family already. (Mom 5'3, Dad 5'11, Carter 6'3, Luke 6'2)

Luke is still getting one bottle. He has done great the past two days but they don't want to push him too hard or else he really starts breathing heavy. My guess, they will try a second bottle on him by Wednesday. =) Fingers crossed.

I hope everyone in Dallas enjoyed the snow this weekend. Hopefully no one slipped on their toosh when getting out of their car this morning. Oh wait, I almost did that! Rain boots have NO grip, what can I say? It looks so pretty outside; I love it..for a short time anyway. And for all of you up in Nebraska, we actually got some good snow..the kind that sticks when you roll a ball! You should see the massive snowmen around town. I'll add a couple pics later.

Can't wait to get home and have some Hot Chocolate with a drop of Baileys! oops, did I say that?

Happy Winter!

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  1. What big boys! They're doing SO great!!

    Hot Chocolate with Baileys?! Delish... I'll join you on that one any day! ;)