Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Missin' the babies: NICU day 71

Well the babies are doing great but I can't say the same for myself. Lets see, Sunday the weather was bad so we didn't make it to the hospital. Monday after school, I wasn't feeling too great and didn't want to risk seeing the boys. I went in to the doctor this morning and it turns out that my body has been making a bunch of white blood cells to fight off a bacterial infection. Yuck! I'm hot and cold and can't seem to get comfortable but my immune system has always been pretty strong so I'm sure I'll be feeling much better tomorrow. I can't go see the babies until Thursday so I'm sending Sean today to give them lots of love for me.

Update on the little ones:
They are 10 weeks old today. (37 weeks gestation)
Luke is now taking two bottles a day.
Carter is now getting a bottle every other feed and they lowered him to 2 on his flow.

That's all for now, I need to sleep.

P.S. As of today there have been 9,376 views on the blog (does not include my visits)
Thank you for the support!!!  We truly appreciate all of you and for keeping us in your thoughts.

Sean just sent me these
Luke. "Leave me Alone!"                Carter. "Hey Mom!"
I'm out numbered, buttttt I think I'm going to like it..A Whole Lot!


  1. That is awesome that Carter is taking 4 bottles already..I am so glad it is going by quickly. It took Joshua forever to get to 4, but once he got to 4 it was about a week before he was at 8! Congrats to little luke for completing his 2 bottles too, he is going to catch up to his brother soon enough! Best of luck this next week.

  2. Geez... they are too cute for words! It sounds like coming home will be here before you know it. When my two started eating they really started doing better and came home fast. I'm so excited for you and hope you get feeling better!