Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Sean made three trips to the car and he looked like this each time.     


Sweet little Luke
Cute little Carter

Home at last!
Each month we'll take a picture with their pillow to show how much they've grown.


  1. WELCOME HOME Carter and Luke!!!! God is sooooooo good! Now the fun really begins mommy...enjoy your handsome little men!

  2. thanks!!!! The happiest days of our life are just beginning.

  3. I'm just giddy for you! What a journey your sweet family has had. Enjoy all those cuddles. Congrats!!!

  4. Yay! They are such precious little miracles! We are so excited for you. Enjoy your sweet family time AT HOME!!

  5. Yay congratulations! We have been praying that this day would come soon for ya'll...and with no monitors or oxygen! God is great! It only gets better from here. You will be so happy to have them home you won't even mind the 3 hour wake up calls =) Best of luck to your new family, and keep up the blog!

  6. What a great idea on taking a picture each month next to their pillows. :) I think they look a lot like Sean right now! I wonder if one will look like you and one will look like him...orrrrr if they will favor you in some ways and him in other ways. How fun!!!