Monday, January 31, 2011

It takes two

Where to start???

Well, we had a few visitors yesterday and once everyone left, there were still two babies here. It was so strange and surreal but I was loving every minute of it. I found myself yesterday grabbing my phone to call the NICU.  Sean and I both wish we had 3 hands, if that tells you anything. The boys are sleeping great during the day but not as good at night. I think it was 3am and Luke was a little fussy, so we just rocked and rocked and we snuggled. I closed my eyes and before I knew it it was 4:45am. The babies are doing great adjusting to their new home. They can nap anywhere and sleep through all sorts of different sounds. They had their first doctor appointment today and the pediatrician was really impressed with their growth and development as preemies.
All snuggled up

Sean and I make a great team! We switch off feeding at night so the other can sleep. We're a little tired but we wouldn't have it any other way. What Joy!


  1. they are so sweet! congrats again on having your precious home at last with you! you will be amazed at how you just get into the swing of things. good luck...and let me know if you need/want any tips!

  2. Tips are ALWAYS welcome!!!!!! Can you think of anything that I may not. haha. Um, lets see Sean left to run to the store for nearly 20 minutes and it just so happens they BOTH were hungry! These babies don't cry and let me tell you..they were Screaming for bottles! Ummm I was having to feed them simultaneously. That was not easy, especially when they need to be burped every ounce. Luckily, we got back on feeding them 30-45 minutes apart and I hope it can stay that way. pHew!