Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Sleepers

Things are going really good around the Coffey home. Ya know, the night before they came home I was an emotional wreck. I mean a bad, Wreck! Sean was worried about me and I didn't know what had taken over me. It was truly a horrible sight. I was having the most negative thoughts, I was dealing with self esteem issues, tears because none of my clothes were fitting and our house didn't feel ready enough. Everything was just not perfect for the arrival of the babies. It needed to be perfect and in my mind there were still To Do's on the list. Alright so I probably sound like a psycho. I had no idea how I was supposed to be feeling or what I should've been doing to prepare just a little more. I was looking far past the excitement of their arrival and them being healthy and ready to come home and I was letting all these "other things" get in the way. I think back on it today and it didn't matter if there were still boxes to unpack and clean clothes to put away; it really did not matter and I was allowing these chores to get in the way of the excitement I was suppose to be feeling. I wasn't putting God first and I was definitely not allowing my partner to console me. I had so many fears and frustrations that I could not control my emotions. During all of this, I was trying to get ready for my Mom's 60th Surprise Party. Needless to say, I was so out of sorts, I had a ton of trouble transitioning to "Surprise Mom! mode" I sit here today and try to remember what specifics finally calmed me down.. I just prayed. I asked God to just be here. I needed my tears dried and my spirits lifted.                Now for crying out loud Amy--You had TWINS coming home, why would you be crying and frustrated, why would you act like a crazy person?? The Lord only knows. And he's the only one who knows why they came so early.

I have to say, we had noooo idea what to expect and I was scared ****less! Guys never really show these emotions so I didn't feel like he was with me on this. Things that didn't get done were just not important..why didn't I see that? It didn't matter. The babies finally healthy and about to come home. Praise God because he heals and comforts.

The babies are doing really good. They actually slept last night from 11pm-5:04am! Sean and I got some guh-ood sleep, let me tell you! They love when we sing to them and they love being held, what more could we ask for.
Maybe next time, we'll get 2 smiles. Orrr, will we ever?

Look how awesome Sean is when he knows Mommy is tired!


  1. Normal! I was this way as well. Lets just say you can never be fully ready to bring home twins. I had a hard time letting the small things go for awhile (I have ocd :)) Anyways, you just have to. Enjoy these precious times. They are so so cute, I miss my infants!

  2. Every single emotion you are feeling is oh so normal!!! It's hard not to worry about the little things because you want everything to be perfect. But, you just have to kind of get over it because things are never going to be perfect again because you have TWINS!!! I had a hard time with it too and still do at times, but it does get easier! Your babies are so precious and I seriously wish I was close to come and love on them and help out! I miss my babies. Enjoy them and the lack of sleep because they will be grown in the blink of an eye!