Wednesday, January 19, 2011


All good news!

Carter is OFF ALL OXYGEN (or the compressed air he was recieving) and the nasal cannula is GONE!!!! Priase God! He no longer will be recieving breathing treatments and they were able to stop all other medications. So, basically he is now a normal little baby laying in a hospital crib with only one need, To Be Fed!  And boy, can that boy eat!

Luke is now down to 1/2 a liter on his flow and he's sitting at 25% oxygen and doing great! Yaaaaay! Come on Punkin......I'm praying for this little guy constantly!!
Last picture of Carter with the cannula on.
They have taken their bottles really well and still seem hungry so now the nurse will give them as much as they can take. Yikes! I'm thinking about two things right now: Three boys and The Pantry. The doctor wants to allow some more flexibility in their schedule. So, instead of being woken up every three hours the nurses will allow them to wake up on their own and be fed then. Hopefully this will help them sleep better without as many frequent interruptions.

The joy and excitement that I am feeling right now is about to explode outta my ears! We appreciate everyones thoughts, prayers and support throughout this whole journey. And I apologize a million times for all my wordy thoughts and the grammar errors.

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  1. What a BIG boy. And PRAISE God!! It's getting closer and closer!!!