Monday, January 17, 2011

2 of these & 2 of that: NICU day 77

The babies are doing excellent and cute as ever.

Carter is almost a whopping 7 pounder! {I realize that's not really a word, but it fits}
Luke is only 6lbs 7oz but he seems like the chunkier one.
They still seem so small to me, but in the words of one of their Aunts, "They're filling out their blankets!"

Carter is on 1/2 a liter on his flow.
Luke is on 1 liter on his flow and receiving 30% oxygen.

We did some gift card shopping today to get some miscellaneous things we'll need.  It was so hard to not throw everything "cute, small, soft or I think they'll like this" in the basket. I mean really, of all the things we get, do the babies really have a say in the color, fabric or taste? Pshh, it doesn't matter, Amy!!! We ended up only using one gift card so we have plenty for "stuff" later. Wait, did I say stuff? I meant, Similac FORMULA! The formula that the babies need while I am not nursing is outrageous in cost! So, the first thing we did when we got home was email Similac and Pampers so we can get some coupons!  I guess I'll email some other MOMs (Moms Of Multiples) and see what they've done to save. eek!

Hey, by the way will you do us a favor and SAVE YOUR COUPONS? =)

Our house is pretty much ready, or as ready as we think it can be. We are beyond ready for this adventure. My new camera is charged and if I'll have time to take pictures, ha!


  1. woohoo...i'm super excited for ya'll!!! can't wait to see pictures of those little chunky monkey's in their coming home outfits!

  2. I'm so happy for you!! I can tell you are SOOO ready to have your boys home with you. What a wonderful day it will be when they are introduced to their home with Mommy & Daddy away from the hospital. Praying that day comes soon!!

  3. There are lists out there on the web of multiples clubs for all major brand names. Some you have to send in birth certificates and some you don't. I did this while I was on maternity leave and got a TON of stuff. We got nearly 10 coupons from pampers and huggies for $1's off or even free packages of diapers. From other places we got the stuffed animals with the blankets attached, toss away cups, etc. Just google something like 'free stuff for twins' and you'll find a lot.

    Hope this helps!

  4. HOORAY!!! OHHH you just wait- when you can hold those babies anytime you want, you'll LoVe it! :)
    Oh- Our MoMs meeting is tomorrow- email me if you want to go.
    Praising God with you for Carter and Luke (I can't believe how big they are! :)) and I'll save you coupons!

  5. Amy! My school is having their 10 year anniversary and I have to attend so I will miss the meeting..of course! Please, keep me posted on the next one. I will and need to go!