Sunday, January 16, 2011

We can see the light: NICU day 76


Carter is recieving 8 bottles a day. He takes them so well and so quickly.
Luke is also receiving 8 bottles a day. He just started taking all eight so we'll see how it goes after day 2.
They have done extremely well taking the bottles; the nurses have been quite impressed! 

Carter is breathing room air.
Luke is still requiring 21-30%.

Pressure of air:
Carter is on level 1 (he's just receiving compressed air since he does not require oxygen).
Luke is on level 2.

Time left in the NICU:
Doctor Foster said today that they will be coming home early NEXT WEEK!!!!!! If all continues to go well and as long as they don't have any brady's (which adds on 5 days) or get sick.

Our thoughts:
Well, we are obviously ecstatic!! We're runnin' around trying to prepare everything so I'll write again tomorrow or Tuesday after more updates.

Continued prayers for Luke that he will be able to be weened off all oxygen. We would love to bring these little ones home wire and tube Free!

God is so good!

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  1. That is so awesome to hear! They got to 8 bottles so quickly, God is great! That is amazing that they could go home as early as next week. Catch up on sleep...because they are going to be used to that 3 hour schedule, but it is all worth it. Best of luck =)