Friday, January 14, 2011

What's one more? : NICU day 74

Dr. T called me with some updates
Both boys are on level 2 flow. To go home, they need to be on .5 or 0. He said the lowering of this pressure has taken them a little longer than expected. If their lungs can not handle lower than 1 or 2 we will be bringing them home on oxygen. Yes, I dread that! Pleaseeeeeeeeeee Lord, heal these little lungs and make them strong!! They've done soooo incredibly well, growth, weight gain, bottles,  and now we just need these lungs to rev up!

Carter can now recieve 4-6 bottles a day.
Luke can now recieve 2-4 bottles a day.

Both have increased their feeds. (They are taking almost 2oz now)

And......................he predicts three more weeks. 

I guess, what's one more week when we've waited over seventy?

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  1. GREAT news! Praying that they can come home oxygen FREE.