Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Happy :NICU day 73

I was sooo happy to see the boys tonight. I gave Luke a bottle and he did great.
Pics from tonight. Crazy-Hands Carter on the left and Ol' man wrinkles on the right. (If you haven't caught on, Carter is ALWAYS on the left, Luke on the right.) And yes, it will be like that when they come home too.

And...some snow pics that we'll share with the boys one day.


  1. Love the pictures! We had a system like that too! RIley's things were ALWAYS on the RIght- bottles, when laying out clothes, meds, ect. I dont know how many times I would tell people: "Riley right. Reese left" :)

  2. Yes, and I think we will develop some system like that as soon as they get home too. I have confused them too many times already.