Friday, February 11, 2011

It's all me today

I have had some wonderful help with the babies the last two weeks and today I'm all alone. Me, the boys and Harley.

I apologize I haven't updated the blog in a few's been a little crazy around here. We're still getting used to everything, on top of two different developing personalities.

Yesterday Melissa and I took the boys to the eye doctor for a follow up. We, and other former NICU families reunited while we all waited for over two hours for our appointments. Mr. Rogers, I mean Dr. Lefler needed three minutes for the eye exams and we all waited in a tiny waiting room with a dozen other families for way too long. Thank goodness we didn't bring the stroller because it wouldn't have fit in the room. I never thought I would have to consider certain things such as my stroller not fitting in an elevator or a small waiting room. Now, I'll always consider it. Thankfully, the boys eyes are developing just fine so we will not be seeing red sweater Lefler anymore.
Auntie Mel and the boys

Some brotherly love last night

The boys are growing! And I say that because they're getting heavier and heavier everyday. They still roll up into a ball like a roley poley when we hold them but the ball is quite dense! Both of them have been lifting their heads everyday and we noticed Carter has been trying to pull himself up if we grab his hands. Luke attempted (not knowing what we was really doing) but attempted to pull himself over after grabbing the side of the changing table. It's so fun to see the start of new little things each day, even just a little smirk on their faces. Just a couple weeks ago, these babies were lying in a hospital bed and now they're already showing their personalities. It still amazes me that I am a mother to TWO. I'm trying to make every single moment of this count because I know it will fly by so fast and these little bundles will be walking before we know it.


  1. I love the picture with the hand in the others mouth... I wont even guess which is which =) My email is Keep in touch!

  2. Bahahaha! Lefler is totally Mr. Rogers- that cracked me up! (We went to him too). And YES- that stinkin double stroller does NOT fit in there and it is definitely something you have to think of when you go places. :) Glad the boys' eyes are doing well. Love seeing pics of those little cuties!