Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's the little things

Carter sounds like a lamb when he cries.
Luke doesn't cry much at all.
Carter likes to peek out of one eye before waking up fully.
Luke could sleep all day if we let him.
Carter has a small scar under his nose, probably from the nasal cannula.
Luke is smaller than Carter.
Carter has to have a paci in his mouth at all times.
Luke doesn't need a paci at all but will take it if we give it to him.
Carter fusses until he gets fed and during the feeding.
Luke takes a long time to finish a bottle.
Carter burps twice every feed.
Luke is just plain hard to burp.

They both throw their hands in the air when startled.
They both love music.
They both love to lay on their tummies.
They both toot a lot.
They both try to eat our sleeves when hungry.
They both want to be held 24-7.
and they both dirty their diapers on the same days.

I think we need a baby expert to come live with us for ohhh........about 6 months! Because this is tough.

We just wish we knew how other families handled two! The simultaneous fussiness, the simultaneous crying, and the constant need to be held. I wish I had two more arms, really. It is merely impossible to console two screaming babies and it is impossible to feed them both. I believe that it's absolutely manageable to raise twins but HOLY COW! We have so many really sweet moments each day that we soak up every second of but how does a person not go crazy when things get CrAzY? And How can I drink a cup of coffee before it gets cold? ha. I believe that I'm a hard worker and this brings new meaning to multi tasking! In all honesty, this is a fun kind of busy but it's a new kind of work. It's like learning a new job all over again. We're still trying to develop a schedule so things are still in the rough but these babies have been through enough and to see them crying and we can't figure out why it breaks our heart..I guess any parent would feel that way. We know babies cry, and they fuss, and they whine, they feel sick, they're dirty etc etc. the list goes on but no one ever tells you just how hard parenting is, or the beginning of it at least...orrr the whole rest of our lives And theirs, I guess! Sean and I, as educators are life long learners and I believe that this takes a whole new kind of patients and skills that we are learning about every day.

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  1. You will learn your little ones before you know it. I think the hardest thing for me to learn was that they were two totally different babies. Different things will comfort them. Do you have a bouncy chair? That was my favorite item from the time we came until almost a year old. If one really just needed mommy alone I would put the other in the bouncy chair & bounce it w/ my foot. Also, the baby bjorn. My kiddos loved it! It also gave me an extra hand for the other baby or to start dinner, laundry, etc.
    Hang in there chickie! I can't say it gets super easier but the challenges do change and seem to go away faster.