Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm getting pretty bad about..

updating on the boys. My apologies.

These two little 12 pounders are keeping me quite busy, to say the least.

They're still sleeping really good at night, (at least 7 hours each night). However, one of the swings is getting really low to the floor. The two swings were given to me so there's no telling how heavy the other babies in them were so I don't wanna take all the blame for the low riders. The boys don't seem to mind that they're slowly getting closer and closer to the floor. Hey..if they break'em, it makes for a shorter fall, right? Kidding! We have to start the whole crib sleeping again before it gets too late. I've started laying them in their cribs each day for awhile. I'm hoping they'll get more comfortable with sleeping on their backs. Ohh reflux, We're sick of you!

Have you ever tried to make the ever-growing pile of laundry look "neat"? Because if the pile looks nice, then you don't feel as bad about avoiding it. (I think I've posted a ton of times about my laundry procrastination.)

The boys are really grabbing on to more things now. They're also becoming a lot more vocal. Speaking of vocal, on Channel 8 News this evening they showed a clip of 17 month old twins talking in their own little language. It was so cute. Here it is! I envision this oh so soon.

thanks Sherry! 

This is my last week at home before I return back to school for 9 weeks.

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